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Happy New Year Peeps!!!

Its Here. We are in. Whether we like it or not, we’ve scaled through.

HappyNewYear Peeps!!!

God Be With Us.

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RCCG Holy Ghost Congress (The OverFlow) – Day 5 Prayer Points.

1. Praise God that you are part of what God is doing now.

2. Father! These my hands must heal the sick and raise the dead. Please father do something about that tonight

3. Father! these my hands must destroy lions and bears, anoint these hands to overflowing

4. Father! This mouth of mine must cast out demons, set captive free, bind & loose. Therefore, touch my mouth with Your heavenly fire tonight

5. Father! I must lend to nations, please make it possible

6. Father! I am tired of stagnation, I must recover lost grounds.
Father breath on me tonight

7. Father! I have come You to drink, let me begin to overflow

8. Father! From now on, make me a blessing to the whole world

RCCG Holy Ghost Congress (The OverFlow) – Day 4 Prayer Points.

1. Praise Him from bottom of your heart , give Him glory and honour

2. Father! please tear the heaven wide over me so that it will never be shut again

3. Father! open the floodgates of gates of heaven and drench me with Your blessings

4. Father! I don’t want to walk or run, I want to fly. Give me wings to fly high

5. Father! Take me to the tops speedily

6. Father! Give me nations for my inheritance

7. Father! Give me so much joy unspeakable and full of glory

8. Father! let me enjoy peace like a mighty river

9. Father! please prosper me beyond my widest dreams

10. Father! Empower me to win thousands of souls for You in the coming year.

11. Personal requests

RCCG Holy Ghost Congress (The OverFlow) – Day 3 Prayer Points.

1. Praise God whole heartedly

2. Father! Please forgive all my sins of disobedience and lukewarmness.

3. Father! Empower me tonight for battle against all forces of darkness .

4. Father! Stand with me tonight. Support me fully as I bind and loose.

5. Father! Whatever you have not planted in my life, home, family, office, soul, ministry etc, let them be uprooted tonight.

6. Father! Let all forces besieging my destiny, hear a noise from heaven tonight.

7. Father! As You were with Moses when he faced pharaoh. As You were with Joshua by the wall of Jericho. As You were with David, when he faced Goliath. Please be with me tonight.

RCCG Holy Ghost Congress (The OverFlow) – Day 2 Prayer Points.

1. Praise Him with all your heart

2. Father! Whatever needs repair in my body, please repair it right now

3. Father! whatever cannot be repaired in my body, please replace it

4. Father! Baptize me massively with Your holy ghost and fire so that I will never know sickness or disease again

5. Father! From tonight, let your healing virtues flow through me.

6. Father! Touch my relatives, friends (mention their names) and make them whole

Holy Ghost Congress (The OverFlow) Prayer Points – Day 1

1. Praise The Almighty God for the opportunity to hear His Word

2. Father, please restore me fully tonight.

3. Father, I want you to sanctity me holy.

4. Father, baptize me with Your Holy Spirit and with fire.

5. Father, fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit.

6. Father, let me finish well. Let me finish strong. Let me finish with joy.

7. Private Prayer Point (Whatever you want God to do tonight).