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Lady Beats Niece to Coma for Bed-Wetting



A 27-year old security guard, Joy Amodu has been arrested by the
Police in Lagos, for beating her 10-year old niece, Foziya Danjuma to

According to the police, the suspect after beating up the girl
inserted Aboniki balm, (methyl salicylate ointment) into her private
parts and eyes. She later became unconscious and she was rushed to the
hospital by Joy. The little girl was rejected at the first two
hospitals she was rushed too, but was later admitted at Ikoyi Military
hospital, where a good samaritan saw the situation of the girl and
alerted an NGO who reported Joy to the police.

She was picked up and confessed to the crime, stressing that she had
to do that because her father left her in her care and she has been
warning her to stop bedwetting because she is too old for it. The
police later found out that, Foziya’s father made her live with joy
when she complained of a strange illness and loneliness pleading with
him that she needed a companion.

Joy will soon be arraigned in court, but their family has stepped
into this, insisting it is a family matter and should be settled the
family way. Police are however saying because the girl is a minor,
they will leave it to Government to decide if it should be treated as
a family matter or not.


Meet Columbia’s Fattest Baby – Santiago Mendoza

Santiago Mendoza, an eight months old baby has been taken away from
his mother so as to undergo a life-saving treatment against obesity.

The baby who weighs the same as a six-year-old was ‘rescued’ by a
charity organisation after his weight continues to balloon

Mendoza who already weighs 3.1-stone was flown from his home in the
northeastern city of Valledupar to the capital Bogota on Sunday.

Volunteers from Medellin-based Chubby Hearts foundation (Gorditos de
Corazon) stepped in to transport the boy after his mother, Eunice
Fandio wrote in asking for help.

Colombia’s most obese baby Santiago Mendoz (pictured with therapist
Salvador Palacios) – who weighs the same as a six-year-old child – has
been ‘rescued’ by a charity so he can undergo life-saving treatment

He was flown from his home in the northeastern city of Valledupar to
the capital Bogota on Sunday

Read the Daily Mail report below:

Santiago has suffered medical complications due to his weight since he
was born, and has already been hospitalised on several occasions

She confessed that her own ‘ignorance’ had led to her son’s
unhealthy weight gain and that, every time he cried, she gave him food
or milk to calm down.

‘He was born with an anxiety, so if he cried I just fed him,’ she

Caracol Radio reports that Santiago has suffered medical complications
due to his weight since he was born, and has already been hospitalised
on several occasions.

Chubby Hearts director Salvador Palacio Gonzlez said the child would
be evaluated by specialist doctors at the Colina Clinic.

Caracol Radio reports that Mendoza has suffered medical complications
due to his weight since he was born, and has already been hospitalised
on several occasions

Santiago is at risk of suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure
and severe problems with his joints in the future

Medics will then try to bring his weight down to a manageable level
before submitting him to a series of operations, he added.

‘Likely, what he will need is a long-term treatment, education,
healthy food, and when he is older physical activity,’ surgeon Cesar
Ernesto Guevar told El Espectador.

‘Otherwise, in the future, he could suffer from diabetes, high blood
pressure and severe problems with his joints,’ he added.

Fandio revealed that she was practically confined to her home as the
baby was ‘too heavy’ to take out and about.

But she added that she was ‘optimistic’ about the help she was
receiving and has promised to follow the instructions she’s given by

“My Mum Lied About Who My Father Is” – Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

However, it is not all roses and sunshine in his own life as he has
gone through abuse, sadness and depression, especially in his

The writer and producer has revealed his anger after he discovered
that the man his mother introduced to him as his biological father was
truly not his father.

According to the 44-year-old star, while addressing an audience during
his recent appearance at the Women’s Empowerment 2014 event in
Raleigh, North Carolina, his late mother lied to him about his
father’s identity.

He had always believed that violent Emmitt Perry Snr, a man that
regularly, severely beat him up to a point Tyler attempted suicide at
the age of 10, was his biological father. So, you can imagine Tyler’s
shock when he took a DNA test with his brother and found out the

A disappointed, hurt Perry told his audience, while advising them to be honest with their children:

“I love my mother to death, but she lied to me. Some of you have secrets that your kids need to know. Let the chips fall where they may. For the peace of that person, let them know.”

Unfortunately, his mum is now late and Tyler has to now search for his real dad alone. But why a mother would do this to her own grownup child is baffling.

Illegal Aviation School With 150 Students Shut Down in Kwara.

The Kwara State Government on Wednesday shut down an illegal aviation
school near Giri Alimi Roundabout in Ilorin, the state capital.

The institution, which is just a few kilometer away from the
International Aviation College, Ilorin was said to be offering to the
unsuspecting students, Bachelor of Science and Education degrees.

The school, which is named HIK School of Aviation, is said to have
enrolled 150 students reportedly and holds its lecture from 2pm to 7pm
on week days.

The Commissioner of Education and Human Capital Development, Alhaji
Saka Onimago, in an interview with journalists, said the school was
not accredited by the Nigerian Universities Commission.

Internet Scam: EFCC Nabs 4 Undergraduates and 3 others.

The suspects were apprehended in two different locations in the
capital city of Oyo State, Ibadan.

The EFCC gave the following list of student fraudsters on March 19,
2014, Wednesday:

Otuyalo Damilola – 400 level, Computer Science of Lead City
University, Ibadan;

Adegbuyi Michael – University of Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia;

Ibrahim Aruna – Mineral Resources Engineering, Federal Polytechnic,
Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State;

Adeosun Matthew – 200 level, Banking and Finance, University of
Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Others are Afolabi Ayodele, Balogun Olumuyiwa and Abiola Okunola.

Five of the suspects, i.e. Aruna, Matthew, Ayodele, Olumuyiwa and
Okunola, were arrested together at the Iyana Adeoyo Branch of a first
generation bank in Dugbe, Ibadan, while they were collecting proceeds
of scam via Western Union.

The other two suspects, Damilola and Michael, were picked up in a
rented apartment in Oluyole Estate in Ibadan.

The arrest of scammers was possible due to intense surveillance by
EFCC operatives.

One of the suspects, Olumuyiwa, admitted conning a white American
lady, Sarah Jorth, in a romance scam. He said he was used a false name
(Vincente Marco) to deceive her into believing that he would marry her
and in the process raked in more than $450,000 (Four Hundred and Fifty
Thousand United States Dollars) from her.

Another suspect, Damilola said he had been “in the business” since
2010. He is doing yahoo yahoo (Internet fraud) to make both ends meet.
The scammer also boasted he had purchased his Infinity Jeep and a
Honda Accord through the fraud.

Michael confessed that he started Internet scam since 2000 when he was
a student at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Even
when he moved to Malaysia, he was still engrossed in the business.
“Anytime I come home on holiday, I look for vulnerable targets because
the rigour of studies in Malaysia would not allow me to do it there,”
he said. He disclosed that his specialty was lottery scam.

Items recovered from the suspects include: three laptop computers; one
flash drive; two Visafone modems; one travelling passport; one
Infinity Fx 35 SUV, one Honda Accord car and some bank documents.

They will be arraigned in court as soon as investigations are concluded.

2 Men Strangle their Brother to Death over N17 Million Property.

Two brothers have been arrested by the police from the Homicide
Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti,
Yaba, Lagos in connection with the murder of their brother after a
family quarrel.

The brothers Abdulfatai and Shakiru Osun had allegedly killed their
brother, Yusuf Osun, over their father’s property.

Yusuf was brutally murdered after he allegedly refused to sign an
agreement to sell their late father’s house at Satellite Town,

PM News reports:

The incident happened at their late father’s house at House 3C,
Mobil Estate, Satellite Town, Lagos.

The suspects allegedly conspired and strangled Yusuf, who was the
eldest, in the night, after which they allegedly used a cutlass to
butcher him to ensure he was dead and attempted to cover up the

P.M.NEWS learnt that not quite long after their father died, the three
brothers started fighting over the property he left behind.

While the suspects, Abdulfatai and Shakiru, allegedly wanted the
property sold and the money shared, Yusuf, the deceased, was said to
be opposed to selling the house.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the two suspects negotiated with a buyer to
sell the four-bedroom duplex with boys quarters for N17 million. Part
of the conditions, P.M.NEWS learnt, was that the three brothers who
inherited the property must sign an agreement before payment would be
made by the buyer.

Trouble started when the suspects met Yusuf and informed him about
their decision and asked him to sign the agreement as the third party.

P.M.NEWS learnt that Yusuf insisted that they should not sell the
family property since their mother was still alive.

The decision did not go down well with the suspects who allegedly
hatched a plan to eliminate him.

Luck ran out on them after they killed Yusuf when one their neighbours
who saw what happened that night, contacted the police at Satellite
Town Division. They were arrested and after preliminary investigation,
the police transferred the matter to the SCID.

When P.M.NEWS contacted the DPO at Satellite Town, he was not around
to comment on the matter.

A police source at the station, who confirmed the incident, told our
reporter that the matter has been transferred to SCID.

At Panti efforts to speak with the suspects failed as the
Investigation Police Officer declined such request.

The suspects were taken to Yaba Magistrates’ Court for arraignment
on Tuesday but the arraignment was stalled because the courts did not
sit on that day.

They were returned to a cell at SCID Panti, to be arraigned on a later

#ENDTIMEALERT!: Pastor Machetes Wife.

An Ogun State Chief Magistrate’s Court sitting in Owode Egba,
Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, yesterday, remanded a Pastor,
Samuel Daniel in prison for using a machete on his wife.

He was arraigned on a two-count charge of assault and providing false
information, which is punishable under Sections 338 and 192 criminal
code Vol 1 law of Ogun State, 2006.

The accused, who was a Pastor with an Apostolic Church in Ode Remo
area of the state, reportedly went to his wife’s place of work at
Itori village in Owode-Egba on December 10, 2013 and used the machete
on her for abandoning church programmes.

He was reported to have taken his wife to the hospital and reported
the case at Owode-Egba Police Station, but lied that two unknown
persons attacked his wife.

After an investigation, he was reportedly arrested by the Police and
charged to court. At the last adjourned date, Daniel pleaded not
guilty while his counsel, Joy Augustine, filled a bail application
arguing that the offence is bailable.

Presiding Magistrate, E. J. Ojikutu granted him N100,000 bail with two
sureties in the like sum and adjourned till May 26, while the accused,
who appeared to have suffered partial stroke, remain in prison