#WagesOfSin: Pastor Drops Dead After Confessing to Congregation.

Bishop Bobby Davis and wife, Christine

Bishop Bobby Davis and wife, Christine

A pastor has dropped dead in front of his congregation after his wife
forced him to confess that he’d been unfaithful.

Mrs Christine Davis had confronted her husband publicly about an
infidelity in his past and wouldn’t let him be until he confessed.

Bishop Bobby Davis, pastor at Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in
Bridgeport, Connecticut, dropped dead after allegedly confessing to
his congregation that he’d had an affair years ago.

“After the service on Sunday the bishop’s family asked us to remain in
the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long
ago,” Judy Stovall, an elder of the church, told the Connecticut Post.
“He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our

“We were shouting, ‘We forgive you, we love you.’ But the stress of
all of it – he had a heart attack,” Stovall said. “I held his head as
he lay on the floor. Our congregation is hurting now.”

The Christian Post reported a slightly different version of the
incident, based on a congregant who wished to remain anonymous.

“He (Bishop Davis) had confessed it (infidelity) personally to his
wife prior to the service, and she called a meeting after church with
just the members and the members stayed. He wasn’t there at the time;
he was somewhere else apparently. Neither of them were in the service
that morning. They had one of their pastors do the service,” according
to the source.

“From what I was told, she (Christine Davis) told the congregation
what he had done. And so, when he comes through the door he had no
idea what he was walking into. So it wasn’t even, ‘We’re gonna make an
announcement today,’ in a unified way as a couple,” the source noted.

“I’m told that when he walked through the door she basically told him,
‘Tell them what you just told me,’ which is what induced the heart
attack, because it’s not like he was walking into it knowing,” the
source told the Christian Post.

“She said it and he said, ‘Yes, that’s right.’ She asked him to say
who exactly it was. And he said, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter [because]
that person has passed. God forgive, let’s get past it.’ Apparently it
was his family members who reacted out in anger, from what I
understand. It was not the congregation,” the source noted.

“It got physical. One of the sons attacked him. I was told one of the
daughters poured water on him. It was like something out of, not even
like the Old Testament, but a bad reality TV show,” said the source.
“My heart is so devastated because it could have been handled in a
private manner.”

Bishop Davis was known as a very black and white preacher. He also had
an affiliation with The Potters House and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

According to a church biography, the couple initially held prayer
meetings in the home of Christine’s mother. In 1987 they moved to the
Harriet Street building in Bridgeport, and in 1998 they opened a new
church facility in suburban Monroe.


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