Revelation of a Teenage Girl – How I was Robbed and Raped.

The girl, living in Osun State, went to Bagadry on Sunday, to help her relative who had just delivered a baby. When she reached Lagos, she realized it had already been too late at night, and she decided to spend the night at Agege.

She told the story of what happened:

“As I was sleeping in front of a shopping complex, a man came and started rough handling me. He tied his belt round my neck and used his shirt to cover my face and mouth After raping me, he collected my transport fare and my phone. He later came back and beat me when I shouted for help. He had his way thrice, saying if I attempt to escape, other boys elsewhere would have me in turn I passed out the fourth time, only to open my eyes and found some people around me.”

According to reports, some sympathizers gathered around her and helped with some water, and to wash of the blood. They contacted the police of Elere Division, who called the doctors from Orile-Agege Hospital to treat her.

According to comments of Damasus Ozoani, the deputy spokesman for Lagos State Police Command, no arrest has been made yet, but he assures that the guilty man will be found. The man that attacked the girl is still unidentified.

The girl is being treated in the Orile-Agege General Hospital and the investigation is in process, according to Ozoani.


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