Nigerians in South Africa Seek Legal Means to Resist Police Brutality.

The Nigerian Union in South Africa declared it is mobilizing Nigerians across the country to sign a petition against police brutality on Nigerians.

This has been revealed by the President of the Union, Mr Ikechukwu Anyene, on March 12, 2014, Wednesday.

In has telephone interview, made in Pretoria, South Africa, Anyene reminded that the first months of 2014 three Nigerians had been killed by South African police, while dozens were brutalized.

He also disclosed that the appropriate petition will be forwarded to the Ministry of Police Affairs in South Africa, with copies to the
Nigerian mission and the National Assembly.

Anyene also recalled an incident on March 11, when a 32-year-old
Nigerian businessman, Emmanuel Prosper, was shot dead by a South
African citizen in Pretoria.

The victim, who originated from Igboukwu, Anambra, was allegedly
killed by the South African for cheating on him in their gay

The suspect was apprehended and would face on March 13.

In another outraging development, which happened about one week ago, a
Nigerian national, identified as Clement Emekensha, was Brutally beaten, Stripped naked and then arrested by police in a cape town street.


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