Boko Haram: Nigeria Military Shuts Down Telephone lines in Borno.

Phone lines in Borno State were on wednesday shut down by the military as they continue to raid camps of the Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists group.

Telephone users woke up to a “No service” as they tried to reach their

This has been the first major shut down of telephone lines since the
last experience that lasted about six months until it was restored on
December 3, 2013.

The Spokesman of the 7-Division of the Nigeria Army, Muhammed Dole,
explained the development as a military strategy at fighting the
terrorists group.

“We all know the inconveniences that this might have brought, but it
is a necessary and temporary measure that will not take long time”.

Mr. Dole enjoined residents to consider the situation as a necessary
sacrifice “everyone has to make in the cause of bringing back the much
desired lasting peace”.

Residents of Maiduguri are worried about shut down and hope it does
not turn out to be a long lasting situation.

Borno, like Yobe and Adamawa, has been under emergency rule since May


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