UKRAINE CRISIS: Russian Ambassador to Nigeria Explains Russia’s Point of View.

Russian Military people occupied all the key sites on the Crimea Peninsula in Ukraine, including communication hubs and airports. According to Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, actions performed by Russian Military troops are only to protect ethnic Russians in Crimea region.

Statistically speaking, the Crimea has 60% of ethnic Russian population. As the power in Kiev was taken by “illegitimate actions”, Russian Government has decided to protect their people considering possible escalation of the situation and with the view of “threats” towards Russian language and Russians in general.

As for the presence of Russian military men in the Crimea, Russian Ambassador has noted, that the number of military men in Crimea is according to the limits signed earlier in the agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the speech made by the President of Russia, V.V.Putin, on March 4th 2014, military facilities in Crimea were inforced due to “constant threats” from “radicals” and “extremists” that have already taken control over many Ukrainian cities. Putin also stressed that “the armed radicals were on their way to Crimea”. The President of Russia claimed that he reserves all the rights to use all available measures to protect people in Ukraine. He also added that if such threats go on to the Eastern Ukraine and people there will ask for help, and there will be another official request from the legitimate but ousted President of Ukraine V.F.Yanukovich, all possible means of
protection will be used there.

When asked if Russia would pull back all it’s forces from Crimea since NATO considers this as a violation of international law, the Ambassador said that no violation has been made by Russia at all. According to him, Russia is acting according to its law aimed at protecting its people in dangerous situation. He added that NATO and all others supporting the “new government” in Ukraine continue to polarize Eastern and Southern Ukraine with Western and Northern regions.

As the Ukrainian “legitimate” president remains in Russia, the Ambassador was asked whether the Russian government was planning to release Yanukovych so that he could face the charges. The Ambassador replied that Viktor Yanukovych is in Russia simply because of all of the threats he was receiving in Ukraine since the “illegitimate” government change.

As Ukraine has announced a full military mobilization as a reaction to the build-up of Russian forces in Crimea, the Ambassador claims that there is still no reason to use the word “war” and that all of the Ukrainian parties should come back to the implementation of the Agreement of 21st of February, 2014 between President V.F.Yanukovych and the opposition and to review the reform process of constitution only with the view of interests of all ethnic groups and to be further approved at the Nationwide referendum.

Russian Ambassador to Nigeria claims that there are no Russian troops at any army base in Crimea. Those troops, according to him, are of pro-Russia “self-defence unit”, formed by the people of Crimea who want to prevent any forced occupation of Crimean administrative buildings by radicals and extremists.

The Ambassador also stressed that Ukraine remains to be a fraternal country to Russia, while it may be a place for geopolitical games of western politicians.


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