Business Woman files a Law Suit against Nigerian Veteran Singer.

Onyeka Onwenu

Onyeka Onwenu

A Business woman has filed a law suit against veteran Nigerian singer — Onyeka Onwenu, over an alleged assault

The alleged accuser, Olajoke Adesipe, who petitioned to the National
Human Rights Commission, said the singer had directed security officers to throw her wears out of her shop in Abuja and as a result
beat her up.

Adesipe described her story in detail.

‘I am a yearly tenant and my current tenancy would not end until
December, 2014, yet they tried pushing me out. On January 21, 2014, I
heard that the DG might likely eject me even when my rent is still

Adesipe received two letters, claiming she should vacate the premises
soon. On her part, the businesswoman contacted the DG seeking an
audience; soon the two met and after narrating her story, the DG
apologized and, according to Adesipe, said that a formal apology
letter would be written.

Onwenu promised to relocate Adesipe’s business to the shopping
complex within the premises, to which the woman agreed if sent an
allocation letter.

Still, some days later Onwenu, without having sent the said document,
threatened the businesswoman to chase her out.

Thus, on February 14, the singer allegedly came with her security
personnel, forcefully opened the shop and started unauthorized
ejection of things.

Onwenu’s men were directed to confiscate the accuser’s things, as
she tried to take photos of the act. In the struggle for the phone,
she was beaten and dragged on the ground.

The Legal Adviser, Women center — Mohammed Suleiman, confirmed the
incident, noting that Adesipe was not a legal tenant of the center.


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