Nigerian Student shot dead in Malaysia.

Tunde's Lifeless Body

Tunde’s Lifeless Body

According to the mail we received.

His friends hereby call on the international human right for proper justice and call for the removal of the useless ambassador to Malaysia for his uncaring attitude towards Nigerian as an ambassador.

‘We call on the federal government to fight for our right as many Nigerian are being killed. We need justice.’

‘The name of the boy is Adelabu Tunde from Ise Ekiti, Ekiti State, Police was raiding in another apartment, Tunde and his friends
came back from school then the police car followed them. Tunde ran and got shot in head by the police man,Please share the truth.
He was not fighting, he was shot by police that came for extra pocket money.! and the police left the scene as soon as he was shot. Which police that was doing raid, then shot somebody and ran off. We dont
know that now’ ‘ Witness


1) AMBASSADOR- The Nigeria Ambassador in Malaysia HIS EXCELLENCY,
AMBASSADOR BELLO SHEHU RINGIM, NIGERIA is the most corrupt Nigerian in
diaspora. ranging from selling diplomatic passports, conniving with
malaysian police to arrest Nigerians and deport them and also setting
them up with drugs case so as to make money in terms of releasing or
granting them bail.

Being money concious he has said it before that Nigerians here dont
pay homeage to him. (We are students your excellency and you dont
enxpect us to spend $1 on you SIR, because you are appointed by the
Nigeria government not by our parents.)

2) Ambassador: The ambassador and so-called workers in the Nigeria
embassy demands more than the actual amount for new passport or
replacements of passports whereby a student passport is misplaced or

The embassy demands more than one thousand dollars for new passport
and takes days.

3) Ambassador: Nobody, i repeat nobody have ever questioned the
Malaysian Government why they harass students knowing fully well that
these students when they summit their passport for visa renewal,
visa-holding letters are normally given to them by the Malaysian
immigration yet their police and immigration during raiding still
arrest and deport legal students having these letters.

Of all these activities, the Ambassador is fully aware and his not
showing concern about its fellow Nigerians. Although

4) The ambassador believes that everybody in Malaysia is not a
student. Meanwhile the Malaysia Airport(KLIA) is one of the best
airport in the world combating drugs and illegal immigrants.

80 percent of Nigerians in Malaysia apart from the once the AMBASSADOR
sold diplomatic passport to are students. Be it a small scale school
or International Schools in Malaysia Your excellency sir all fingers
are not equal.

5) Imagine the security at the gate of the Nigerian Embassy (An Indian
and Bangladesh) molesting Nigerians in front of the Embassy just
because they want to go into their own Embassy to get their passport
renewed yet the Ambassador will show no concern and sometime drive by.

6) The ambassador told the Malaysian Government not to renew visas for
Nigerians or hold it for a long period of time with this we get arrested, detained to pay a ransom before finally being deported.

Just mentioned but a few of the fraudulent activities of the Nigeria High Commission in Malaysia, NEXT will be an Open letter to Mr President (GEJ) if nothing is done within the next 72hrs not only an open letter but just like a tip of the 2011 riot that Niger Delta Amnesty student we will storm the Nigeria Embassy and the world will hear your corruption Your Excellency.


Source: NaijaLoaded.

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