A lady responds to Pastor Oyakhilome’s Abortion and Rape opinion.

After a reader read Pastor Chris’ opinion about rape and abortion, she decided to share her own story.

She said she got married 10 years ago and her husband has not been able to impregnate her, and can’t impregnate any woman either. But she was raped while in school, and even though it was tough she kept the baby. Today the girl is her only child despite she has been married for 10 years. If I had aborted her,
I would still be without a child, she said. Her story;

If you want the truth, I was raped while in school by a guy who heard I was a virgin and wanted to prove it. He came to apologize weeks later but that didn’t cut it. It still hurts me till tomorrow (psychological scars). I still remember that day everyday like it was yesterday. But one thing I constantly prayed for that time was not to end up pregnant. It would be double tragedy, I said.

Unfortunately, it happened. I got pregnant but did not terminate it because I felt it was a sin. I contemplated it though several times but couldn’t go ahead with it because of my bible trained conscience. I even contemplated suicide several times. Thanks to my family though, they stood by me all through. Eventually, I got married ten years ago. Unfortunately, due to some medical jargons the doctor is saying my husband cannot impregnate me or any woman. However, I have my daughter-who is the result of that terrible situation. She’s my life. She is innocent and not responsible for how she came into this world. So, why should I have taken it out on her And I will never stop loving her. Now, if I had terminated the pregnancy, I wouldn’t have had any child.

Unfortunately, I have the authority to speak on this because I know what I am talking about. I am not condoning rape in anyway-it’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone. However, why would you want to worsen the situation by committing murder Abortion, no matter the circumstances is MURDER; pure and simple.

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