The One Minute Prayer

A college student once had an issue with one of his lecturers.

He was sent out of class, never to attend lectures for that course till the end of the semester.

He was downcast, he really didn’t know what he had done to offend the lecturer. He tried to re-call the scene – he had only laughed at a gesture made by his friend while the lecture was going on.

“Could He have sent me out because of this?” or
“did he think I was laughing at Him?”

All these thoughts were going through his mind but He didn’t let them weigh him down. He remembered 2 Corinthians 4:17 which says

“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”

Each time the lecturer came into the class to lecture, he was asked to leave class.

This continued for 2weeks.

On the 3rd week, a test was to be held and as usual the student was sent out of class despite his plea.

He stood at the class entrance hoping that the lecturer would change his mind.

As He stood, he said this prayer,

“Father Lord, if indeed You created me and your will for my life is of good and not of evil to give me a glorious end, if truly You want me to study this course, make this man forgive me for however i’ve offended him and let him allow me to write this test”. Amen.

After saying this one minute prayer he held onto his faith and in the space of 2 minutes the lecturer asked him to come in to write the test.

What a miracle.

God makes us pass through afflictions sometimes not that he doesn’t love us, but because He wants to prove His Omniscience.

God never neglects His children when they need Him the most. He is always there to see them through. But sometimes we just need to provoke Him.

Just like what the college student did with his One Minute Prayer, you can do the same today. Provoke God and see Him spring into action.



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